Volunteer Staff



Dr. Richard Lewis
Dr. Victor Brugh
Dr. Anastasia Cleary
Dr. James Dudley
Dr. Thomas Cleary
Dr. Pamela Gwathmey
Anna Lee, CNM

Dr. Vicki Kinsel
Dr. Frank Nuar
Dr. Maria Iuorno
Dr. Iman Ibrahim
Dr. Bruce Bucher
Elsie C. Mangano, NP 

Tracy Germaine, NP

External Providers


Dr. Vicki Kinsel
Dr. April Nizami
Dr. Tyler Wind
Dr. Richard Dunn
Teresa Williams, FNP
Dr. Reginald Mason
Dr. Michael Francis
Dr. Robert Bennett
Dr. Anshul Gupta
Dr. Charles Gilchrist
Dr. Jeffrey Haskins

Dr. Irene Chandler

Dr. Walter Murphy

Dr. Anastasia Cleary

Paula Franklin, NP

Dr. William Dameron

Dr. William Long

Dr. Lisa Jenkins-Haynie

Dr. Donna LaMarque Ambrose

Sara Majewski, NP

Linda Mitchell, NP

Dr. Kim Schlesinger

Dr. Brian Holdaway

Jennifer Leeman, PA

Dr. Waring Trible

Dr. John Barsanti

Dr. Stephen Long

Nursing Staff


Barb Francis, RN, BSN
Sharon Blythe, RN
Lynette Hammond, RN
Carol Smith, RN
Patricia Johnston, RN, BSN
Carol Lynn, RN
Pamela Coleman, CNA

RCC Student Nurses
South University Student Nurses 

Patient Screening Staff


Ernie Forrester
Sue Andrews
Shirley Green
Carol Smith, RN
Ella Brimmer
Carol Lynn, RN

Peggy Sturt

Spottswood Taliaferro

Taneisha Kelly

Office Staff


Nina Kelly

Shirley Green
Marjorie Marchese
Lois Vaughan
Liz Lawrence
Cookie Elliot
Peggy Dunn 
Alice Burgess

Taneisha Kelly

Development & Event


Barbara Frazier - Development Associate 

Event Staff

Liz Lawrence

Steve Edwards

Pete Marchese

Louise Bundy

Rodney Gordon

Jenny Gordon

Karen Hayes

Nina Kelly

Shirley Green
Marjorie Marchese
Lois Vaughan
Liz Lawrence
Cookie Elliot
Peggy Dunn 

Taneisha Kelly

Dave Lentz


Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. If you are interested in becoming a LLFC Volunteer, please send us your contact information, along with a brief message and we will get back to you asap. THANK YOU!

We love our volunteers! 

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